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Soho & Waterloo

Honorable Mention

OneShot : Street Photography-Lifestyle - International Photo Award

Street Photography
About This Project

‘Soho & Waterloo’ is a series of street photographs and portraits that capture the character and atmosphere of two well-known areas of London. These photos are part of an ongoing project about London and its spaces during the night, when the only light is artificial.


Soho and Waterloo are both areas that are known for their vibrant nightlife and 24-hour culture. They are places that are open and welcoming at all hours, providing a safe and exciting space for people to explore and enjoy.


As a photographer, I was drawn to the energy and diversity of these areas, and I wanted to capture the unique personalities and stories of the people who inhabit them. Whether it was a designer, a model, a photographer, or a passerby, I aimed to capture the spirit and character of each individual.


Soho and Waterloo have a rich history and cultural significance, both as centers of entertainment and as hubs of creativity and innovation. From the vibrant music scene of Soho to the iconic landmarks of Waterloo, these areas have shaped the cultural landscape of London and continue to inspire and inspire people from all walks of life.