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About This Project

The project ‘Petals’ is a series of still life photographs that focus on the beauty and color of flowers. I used petals, a simple glass, and a single light to create minimalistic images that highlight the delicate and intricate details of the petals.


I placed the glass in such a way as to reflect the petals, creating a sense of depth and movement in the images. The single light was used to highlight the colors and textures of the petals, creating a sense of contrast and drama.


The minimalistic approach of the ‘Petals’ project is in line with a long tradition of still life photography that seeks to focus on the essence and beauty of a subject through simplicity and purity of form. This tradition can be traced back to the classical era, when artists such as Giorgio Morandi and Paul Cézanne created still life that stripped away unnecessary elements and focused on the essence of the objects depicted.


In more recent times, photographers such as Edward Weston and Josef Sudek have continued this tradition, creating still life that highlight the beauty and simplicity of everyday objects. The ‘Petals’ project continues this tradition by focusing on the beauty and color of flowers, creating images that invite the viewer to contemplate and appreciate the natural world. The minimalistic approach allows the viewer to fully focus on the colors and details of the petals, creating a sense of tranquility and peace.